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We place your machine or product in the main fairs of Brazil

We take care of all the legal process of importation and legalization of your products in Brazil.


Clemar is an expertise Brazilian company with over 20 years of history. Able to provide advisory and logistical support in fairs and events held in Brazil, with a network of international agents for providing logistics services, operating in all import and export processes.

Our service:

We assist and coordinate the imports and/or exports of your goods in order to take part at international fairs, exhibitions and/or events, from the origin until customs clearance at the destination.

We provide all the necessary documents according to each country´s requirements, so that your merchandise is displayed at the fair in a timely manner and in perfect conditions.

We use the best modal, by sea, air or road, organizing the proper logistics, considering costs and transit time to reach the destination before the event starts, complying with the customs clearance in each country. We also enable the appropriate equipment for movements at the fair site.

In addition, we operate in reverse logistics of the goods, including the care of the suitable storage of empty packages, which may be reutilized if the goods are returned to origin.

Steps of the process

Clemar is able to offer support assistance for machines, equipment and products that will be exhibited at trade fairs in Brazil, as follows:

Assistance to define the consignee of importation;

Pickup at source;

Procedures at origin, such as customs clearance;

International freight for imports: By road, air or sea;

Contracting of international insurance;

Customs clearance for temporary admission for trade fair or exhibition in Brazil;

Nationalization of products sold in the Brazilian market or exportation with return to origin;

Customs procedures in the country of origin, through reverse logistics with the return of the product/equipment to the starting departure place;

Our Advantages:

Clemar has over 20 years of expertise in the assistance on fairs and exhibitions. Our logistics network can provide all the door-to-door necessary support so that foreign goods can attend trade fairs in the country.

Reliability in the provision of services.

Who needs Clemar services?

Foreign companies that are looking for support so that they can expose their products, machines or equipment at fairs and events, in accordance with the deadlines that these processes require.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we need to start all the procedures, before the fair starts?

It is important that the sooner you start the process, the better. For cargoes that will be shipped by sea, it will be necessary about 3 months prior to the beginning of the exhibition. Air and road shipments will require around 2 months in advance.

How will I know which documents are required?

Clemar will assist you with all necessary documents for the process, from the proper terms to be mentioned on the proforma invoice, bill of lading and other forms and documents that may be necessary.

If I sell the equipment at the fair, can Clemar help me with its nationalization?

Yes, Clemar will assist you with this procedure, usually to be done by the buyer of the merchandise.

If I do not sell the product, will I have to pay taxes?

No, as the product will be considered as temporary admitted, taxes will not be charged, but it will be necessary to return the equipment, machine or good to the origin, complying with the deadline set by the Brazilian authorities. Payment of taxes will only be required in case it is
sold in the Brazilian market.

What are the costs involved?

In order to calculate the values, we will need information of the details of the product to be exposed, such as: weight; dimensions; place of origin; place where it will be exhibited (name of the fair); value of the goods; full description and HS or NCM code.


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Novo Hamburgo/RS – Brasil
+55 51 3035.1299

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